Your Party is Sure to Be a Hit!

Your party is guaranteed to be a hit if you put The Sugarland Brass Company in charge of the music. For many years now,we have been encouraging people to have fun, dance, and bring down the house. We always find the right sound for weddings, birthday parties, clubs, festivals, concerts, business events etc. Our repertoire ranges from party hits to soul, motown, old standards, blues, rock and roll, r&b and funk music. 

We are a Variety Band, consisting of sharp dressed men that will bring you back to the days of yesteryear when the Cotton Club, Peppermint Lounge & The Great Apollo Theater were the hot spots. Due to our years of experience in this industry,we have performed at countless parties, clubs, festivials etc. and can provide valuable advice on organizing and planning your event. Just contact us. We would love to meet with you to discuss your special event plans.


We will razzle dazzle you through the First Decade of Rock 'n' Roll which offers a combination of sounds for everyone.


The  (3) three piece horn section will be ringing to the sweet sounds of Louis Prima, Bobby Darin, Delbert McClinton, Louis Armstrong, Van Morrison, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Johnny Rivers, Robert Cray, Ray Charles, The Temptations, Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Cab Calloway, Wilson Pickett, Dire Straits, Buddy Holly, Geroge Benson, Allman Brothers, Little Walter, Joe Cocker and a potpourri of all time greats. Way too many to mention.


“The Sugarland Brass Company covers a wide range of music that harkens back to eras when a brass lineup was the main staple of many different music genres, from big band and jazz to blues and classic rock. It’s not unusual for the band to switch effortlessly between selections from artists like Louis Armstrong, Dire Straits, Chuck Berry, and Van Morrison. The diversity of their sound, and the enthusiasm and skill with which they pull it off has put the band on a regular rotation of live gigs. Now, on any given night, the Sugarland Brass Company can be found playing at a number of venues. Fans wait for the big band sound, as Varone struts on stage in a suit and fedora, twirling his trumpet around one finger like a gunslinger with a pistol. Then comes the moment of truth, when his gravelly voice capably belts out soulful numbers like “Moondance” and “Mack the Knife" On special nights, they bring an even greater wall of sound by including additional horns..”


So come take that stroll with The Sugarland Brass Company down memory lane.

The sharp dressed men bring back the days of yesteryear when the Cotton Club, Peppermint Lounge & The Great Apollo Theater were the hot spots.



Jun. 01   Museum of Natural Science (Private)
Jun. 06    Capones
Jun. 23   Bernhardt Winery
Jun. 29   Churchills
Jul.  04   Gridiron
Jul. 06    Capones
Jul. 12    Crescent Moon
Jul. 19   Kings Harbor Summer Concert Series
Aug. 11  Bernhardt Winery
Aug. 23  Dan Electros Houston, Tx. Sharing the stage with Steve Straker & The                           Troublemakers.
Sept. 28 Waterway Square Concert Series
               31 Waterway Ave. The  Wooodlands, Tx.  6-8 pm
Oct. 19   Churchill's Sports Bar Sugar Land, Tx.
Nov. 02   Stubby's Needville, Tx.